3DMP® expands the horizon of feasibility

3DMP® expands the horizon of feasibility


„Stratum“ is the first prototype in the creative field, created using the innovative 3DMP® process. It illustrates new possibilities to realize large individual shapes that are more expensive or not feasible with other production methods. The low lounge chair was printed in one piece and is made entirely of aluminum. Developed in collaboration with designers and engineers, Stratum is a combination of hand-crafted sketches and digital design to impress with looks, comfort and stability.

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The designer light „Bionic“ has its origins in a form study to expand the limits of possible geometries with a 3-axis process. The inspiration for the design study was derived primarily from natural free-form surfaces. Bionics has not only become a visual trend, but is one of the most important development steps in terms of functionality and sustainable use of resources. Especially in the interior market, which is overcrowded and saturated in many areas, bionics holds the chance to establish completely new designs.