3DMP® – "printed ART" and yet, every piece a unique copy

The digitally created art can be reproduced as often as desired. Small individualizations are possible. The special surface created by the 3DMP® process makes each piece unique. The printed parts have the look of solid craftsmanship and offer a wide range of individual post processing. We accompany you from the idea to the final shipment.


MotoWaganari’s vision to print his famous “Thinker” in over-life size inspired us to further improve the 3DMP® technology. Still ongoing R&D makes it possible to print grid structures in a 5-axis installation space. This creates a new artwork point by point.

Don’t miss the premiere of the „Thinker“ @ art KARLSRUHE 2019


Inspired by the look and feel of parts produced with 3DMP®, a completely new collection of sculptures was created by Moto Waganari. First shown @ CONTEXT ART MIAMI 2018


Moto Waganari again and again pushes the technically possible to its limits, provokes breaks and inconsistencies, that ultimately turn the potentially reproducible object into a unique sculpture. His figure “The Pandemic Protection Plan” was created during the month-long during the month-long lockdown. The figure shows the human image of our days under the impression and the individual restrictions of the pandemic:

Don’t move, don’t touch anything, hide your face. It is an allegorical image of imposed and self-imposed isolation.  The freedom of movement that we all is gradually being reduced to a minimum. The human being becomes anisolated individual. Moto Waganari creates a symbol of our pandemic time.

Don’t miss the premiere of „The Pandemic Protection Plan“ @ the Vernissage – Peter-Künzler-Forum, Mannheim 2021

Interview mit dem Künstler “Moto Waganari”